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Rescue Club
Crazy K Farm Poultry and Livestock is a non-profit organization! Our purpose is to provide shelter and care -- and, if necessary, rehoming -- to rescued, abused, abandoned, surrendered and homeless poultry. To help pay their significant feed and medical bills, we sell their eggs.

Chicken Eggs for Eating: 
Eggs can be picked up from our farm year ‘round. Our pastured chickens eat all-natural food (including grass, bugs, frogs and whatever else they can chase down), drink only fresh well or pond water and lay wholesome eggs that are much better for you than typical store-bought eggs! Pastured eggs contain only about half as much cholesterol, are up to twice as rich in vitamin E, and are two to six times richer in beta carotene (a form of vitamin A), than commercial factory eggs. Pastured eggs also average four times more essential omega-3 fatty acids than factory eggs. Our eggs come in a veritable rainbow of colors, from darkest chocolate brown to whitest white – they even come in green and blue (compliments of our Ameraucana hens). When you crack open our fresh-tasting eggs, inside you'll find full-flavored yolks of a deep, orange-yellow color (from natural carotene) that only pastured chickens can produce. Once you taste our eggs, you will never buy from a store again. You will savor the difference! We sell eggs of mixed size and color for $2/dozen. Single color (white-, tan-, brown- or green-only) eggs are available for $3/dozen. Please note that our eggs are non-graded and we are therefore prohibited from selling to stores or restaurants. Sorry, we do not deliver.

Other Eggs for Eating: 
We sell fertilized chicken eggs, Muscovy duck eggs, and a variety of goose eggs (African, Embden, Chinese). Our flock is certified pullorum-typhoid free. Our free-range rescues eat all-natural food and their eggs are particularly healthy for it. We sell eggs of various size and color, a veritable rainbow of natural hues including green chicken eggs (which are layed by our Ameraucanas). Please contact us for availability of duck or goose eggs.

Sorry, we do not ship eggs.
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